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Leisure and Events

Chocolate Festival

Event for kids and adults where Chocolate is King. From traditional recipes to author's recipes, taste and learn how to work chocolate in workshops, or be dazzled by the sculptures made by several pastry chefs and hotel and catering schools.

Holy Week

Evoking the Passion and Death of Christ, Easter in Óbidos unites devotion and culture. Characterized by the representation of cars, processions through the village and its flowered altars, it presents the most impressive religious ceremonies.

Mercado Medieval Market of Óbidos

Step back in time, be part of the medieval setting. Dress in medieval times, eat in the taverns of antiquity or sleep in a tent, even camping in the grounds of the event is possible.


The Fólio event was created as part of the Óbidos Vila Literária project and began in 2015. It aims to transform Óbidos into a village full of music, theater, cinema, performances, exhibitions, round tables and tertúlias where it is hoped to bring together great names in Portuguese and foreign literature.

Óbidos Vila Natal

Especially dedicated to children discovering Santa's house or the Toy Factory in a magical environment, be sure to visit the Ice Bar or the Ice Rink.

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Major musical personalities and young students from all over the world come to Óbidos to perfect and develop musical skills, ending the day with magnificent Piano concerts.